Installing BackupPC on Linux

To install BackupPC Server on a Linux VM or CT/LXC perform the steps depicted below.

Dependency Installation

apt update -y
apt install backuppc


Save the BackupPC Admin password from the following screen


Modifying the Apache Config File

Go to /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/backuppc.conf and comment the line

# Comment out this line once you have setup HTTPS and uncommented SSLRequireSSL
Require local

Then restart your apache2 service.

systemctl restart apache2
# OR
service apache2 restart

Resetting the BackupPC Admin Password

If you wish to reset your Admin Password run:

htpasswd /etc/backuppc/htpasswd backuppc

Generating an SSH Key

To generate an SSH key for your BackupPC you must do the following.

cd /var/lib/backuppc
mkdir .ssh
touch .ssh/known_hosts
chown -R backuppc:backuppc .ssh
chmod 700 .ssh/

# You might have to install sudo if using Debian
apt update && apt install sudo -y

# Generate the key
sudo -u backuppc ssh-keygen -t rsa

Accessing BackupPC

Go to your Web GUI URL, should be: http://your-server-ip/backuppc/

Initial Linux Xfer Tweaks

Below are some recommended tweaks to your initial configuration

  • Go to your Edit Config → Xfer
  • Set the default XferMethod to rsync
  • Modify the RsyncClientPath to: sudo /usr/bin/rsync
  • Modify the sshPath arg to: $sshPath -l backuppc