Setting up pfSense with Samba LDAP Authentication

Prepping the LDAP / AD Groups and Users

Create a group for your pfSense to authenticate against on the LDAP server, and a user without privileges and/or interactive login for the firewall to do the ldap tree search. In my case I’ll name it “pfsense-ldap”.



Setting up the LDAP / AD authentication in pfSense

Once you’ve done that log into your pfsense and do the following:

Access the Pfsense System menu and select the User manager option.


On the User manager screen, access the Authentications servers tab and click on the Add button.


On the Server settings area, perform the following configuration:

  • Description name: SAMBA LDAP
  • Type: LDAP

Use the following settings:

  • Hostname or IP address: [yourLDAPserverIP]

  • Port value: 389

  • Transport: TCP - Standard

  • Peer Certificate Authority: Global Root CA List

  • Protocol version: 3

  • Server Timeout: 25

  • Search scope:

    • Level: Entire Subtree
    • Base DN: dc=your,dc=domain,dc=com
  • Authentication Containers: OU=Administrators,DC=your,DC=domain,DC=com

  • Extended query: ENABLED

  • Query: memberOf=CN=pfsense-ldap,OU=Administrators,DC=your,DC=domain,DC=com

  • Bind anonymous: DISABLED

  • Bind credentials: CN=s-pfsenseldap,OU=Service Accounts,DC=your,DC=domain,DC=com

  • User naming attribute: samAccountName

  • Group naming attribute: cn

  • Group member attribute: memberOf

  • RFC 2307 Groups: DISABLED

  • Group Object Class: posixGroup

  • UTF8 Encode: DISABLED

  • Username Alterations: DISABLED

Now go to Diagnostics → Authentication


Test your LDAP login with a user that’s in the pfsense-ldap group.


Giving permissions to your LDAP / AD Group

Once you’ve tested that successfully you can go back to the User Manager (Groups Section)

Create a group with the following settings:

  • Group name: pfsense-ldap
  • Scope: Remote
  • Description: Samba LDAP Auth Group


After that change/edit the permissions of the pfsense-ldap group



Enable the LDAP / Active Directory Authentication

Go to the User Manager / Settings section: Select the SAMBA LDAP authentication server.


Log off the admin user and log in with your own LDAP / AD User.