1.3.1. OS Installation (AS2023-TR4 – SuperMicro AMD Epyc Servers)

When installing Proxmox VE the hostname/node name must contain the domain, if no domain is available then simply use .local


E.g.: pveserver01.local

Choose a suitable IP in your network’s CIDR and remember to use the correct keyboard layout, otherwise you’ll have a bit of a headache.

(Deprecated) Common Installation Issues with PVE on ZFS RAID-10

If you wish to install the ROOT POOL (RPOOL) on ZFS with RAID 10 on NVMe drives through Software you must first install with RAID Z-1. It will then FAIL the installation due to the next error:

“Unable to mount Root Pool”

Then you can re-try the installation in RAID 10.


This issue is no longer present since Proxmox VE 6.0