8.1.2. Purging GlusterFS from Proxmox

To remove GlusterFS do the following:

$ gluster volume stop gluster\_vol
$ systemctl stop glusterd

After that you can remove all the dependencies and attributes in the local gluster data brick.

$ apt-get remove --purge glusterfs-server -y
$ setfattr -x trusted.glusterfs.volume-id /data/gluster/brick`hostname|cut -b 5`
$ setfattr -x trusted.gfid /data/gluster/brick`hostname|cut -b 5`
$ rm -rf /data/gluster/brick1/.glusterfs


You might have to remove any remaining files in /var/lib/glusterfs and /etc/glusterfs if you have problems with gluster peer probe integration when trying to re-install.